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ISBN 0-945045-07-7, ISBN 978-0-945045-07-6
(1st Printing - 2006)


A Writer's Guide
To Perfect Punctuation

What It Is

  • Provides writers with a simple reference guide to all fourteen punctuation marks in English
  • Utilizes an alphabetical and page-by-page thumb-indexed format that makes learning simple and easy
  • Provides writers with a reference tool that makes getting punctuation right the first time
  • Makes this the only reference book a writer will ever need to have about punctuation—all in one place

How It Helps

  • Helps writers get punctuation right without guessing, without making one punctuation mark look like another, or without creating undue confusion for their readers
  • Lists all rules for each punctuation mark followed by examples to guide writers
  • Allows writers to avoid looking up punctuation rules in several books
  • Helps writers communicate clearly and effectively—the first time

Who Benefits

  • Students from middle school through college
  • Home schooling parents, teachers and students
  • People in the workplace who want to improve their written communication
  • TESOL and ESL students
  • Those who want a book that is simple, clearly written, and without gobbledygook
  • Anyone who wants to improve their writing skills


“As an easy-to-use guide which helps with punctuation questions simple to complex, you can’t beat Pellegrino’s little black book. It’s got everything I’ve needed to know, and I keep a copy handy for both writing and teaching English.” Andrew Pudewa, Director, Institute for Excellence in Writing

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