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ISBN 0-945045-05-0, ISBN 978-0-945045-05-2 (2nd Printing - 2009)



A Writer's Guide
To Powerful Paragraphs

What It Is

  • Simplifies the process of learning to write effective paragraphs
  • Focuses on mastering clear and precise written communication
  • Provides everything students need to know about writing paragraphs—all in one place
  • Improves writing skills for all courses
  • Helps writers in the workplace organize reports, letters, grants, and speeches
  • Makes learning easy. Clear writing. No gobbledygook!

How It Helps

  • Provides simple explanations and examples that lead to better organized and more coherent paragraphs

  • Contains short and clear explanations, simple examples, analysis of examples, and practical suggestions for writing that are easy to understand and follow

  • Helps writers in the workplace organize reports, letters, grants, and speeches

  • Acts as a springboard for writing essays and compositions

Who Benefits

  • Students from middle school through college
  • Home schooling parents, teachers, and students
  • Those already in the workplace who want to improve their written communication
  • TESOL and ESL students
  • Anyone who wants to improve their written communication skills


"Victor Pellegrino has come up with yet another excellent, user-friendly book to assist writers. By breaking writing down into understandable segments, he enables formerly frustrated students to make sense out of what had been an overwhelming task. The text is also excellent for 'accomplished' writers because it assures that the basics are and will stay sound." Dr. Joyce Trafton, Collegiate Professor, ESL-Education, University of Maryland, Okinawa, Japan

"A concise guide to writing powerful paragraphs with substance! Each chapter comes with its own prescription and constructive examples to demonstrate the power of the paragraph’s use. The guide provides direction and purpose."
Claire Kamasaki, Professor of English, Middlesex Community College, City Campus, Lowell, Massachusetts

"Pellegrino’s clear and concise explanations make the task of writing less daunting. I especially appreciate the examples and practical suggestions for each of the thirty paragraph types. Students at a variety of writing levels will find this book helpful and 'user-friendly.'" Debbie Hasegawa Winkler, The Learning Center, Maui Community College, Kahului, Hawai’i

"Another brilliantly simple formula from Victor Pellegrino for successful writing! This is the book that writing teachers have been seeking – one that will finally put successful paragraph writing within easy reach of every writing student. At last, writing teachers can say 'good-bye' to unwieldy, unclear, lengthy paragraph writing textbooks. Pellegrino has given writers and writing teachers a brilliantly clear road map to great paragraphs." Regina Cannon Lehnhoff, English Department Chair, Marian High School, Omaha, Nebraska

"Pellegrino’s powerful paragraphs book brings laser-beam focus to what is arguably the most essential element of good writing. Unquestionably a great boon to teachers and serious students alike, it will – decades from now – be regarded as a classic." Andrew Pudewa, Director, Institute for Excellence in Writing, Atascadero, California

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